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RV Tiburon/R-12 SS-89 Expedition Commemorative Coin

R-12 Fundraiser
R-12 Fundraiser
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Our quest is to provide the fullest possible accounting of our missing WWII Navy Sailors for their families and the nation! Please help us to preserve the story of the R-12 for future generations.

(SS) Challenge Coins is pleased to have been approached by international ocean explorer, Tim Taylor to further appropriate funds for the continued exploration and study of the USS R-12 SS-89. While aboard his Research Vessel Tiburon on October 10, 2010, Tim and his crew discovered the R-12 off Key West Florida. The operation is performed under a Naval History & Heritage Command permit as the R-12 continues to be US Navy property and remains protected from unauthorized disturbance under the Sunken Military Craft Act (SMCA). The crew stays dedicated to the archaeological exploration and documentation of the USS R-12, now resting in six hundred feet of water off the Florida coast.

Your purchases and donations will help to raise awareness and funding to meet those objectives.

Option 1:
RV Tiburon/R-12 SS-89 Expedition Limited Edition 1.5" Commemorative Coin

Option 2:
RV Tiburon/R-12 SS-89 Expedition Limited Commemorative Coin and Expedition R-12 "Discovering America's Forgotten Submarine" VIMEO Movie Download

The tragic story of the WWII Submarine USS R-12 and her crew of 42 sailors is one of mystery, intrigue, and discovery. The film is a documentary of modern-day explorers who set out to find the R-12 and her crew and bring closure and answers to family members after 70 years. The many stories as told by family, research and underwater footage provide clues into what may have caused the sinking of this forgotten sub. Join the journey and share the adventure ...

Option 3:
NUMBERED RV Tiburon/R-12 SS-89 Expedition Limited Commemorative Coin

  • Each coin was attached to their submersible robot "OTIS" that filmed the R-12 and issued with a certificate signed by Tim Taylor (Expedition Lead) and Robert Niel England (Yeoman of the R-12 at the time of her sinking).
  • Expedition R-12 "Discovering America's Forgotten Submarine" VIMEO Movie Download

  • June 12, 1943: The USS R-12 SS-89 was engaged in normal operations off Key West, Florida, being underway to take up her position for a torpedo practice approach. She was rigged for diving (except main induction was open and batteries were ventilating into the engine room) and riding the vents. The Commanding Officer was on the bridge in the act of turning the Officer of the Deck watch over to another officer when the collision alarm sounded from below, and the report that the forward battery compartment was flooding passed to the bridge. Although the Commanding Officer gave immediate orders to blow main ballast and close the hatches, the ship sank in an estimated fifteen seconds from the time the alarm sounded until the bridge was completely under water.

    All net proceeds go to Ocean Outreach/R12 Project 501c3