USS Barbel Challenge Coin

SS-580 Coin
SS-580 Coin
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A beautiful 1.5 inch brass coin with USS Barbel SS 580 on the front. The back is my own copyright design to honor crewmember ETR3 Leon Figueriedo and the other crewmember's of the USS Barbel...DBF!

Here is what it says on the back of the coin:

"Pin designed by USS Barbel SS 580 crew member ETR3 Leon Figueriedo while on WestPac in the summer of 1969."

The following article was sent to me by Jack Renard, Skipper of the boat at the time the DBF pin was designed...I don't know when the article was printed, only that it is located in the Sub Museum in Pearl.

Diesel Boat Pin Designed by ETR3 Leon Figueriedo "Browsing through the Submarine Display Center recently we noticed a silver pin with a submarine, mermaids and the initials DBF on display. A question brought back the answer that the initials DBF stood for Diesel Boats Forever. We also discovered that the man who designed the pin is ETR3(SS) Leon Figueriedo of USS Barbel. Here's how the pin came about: In May of 1968 Barbel's Recreation Committee asked Figueriedo to design an original patch for diesel boats. Figueriedo, who was an art major at Newark State College and worked as a commercial artist in New York City before entering the Navy, started immediately on the project. He came up with a design featuring mermaids with a sub. About a year later (Renard writes in the sidebar the following: Summer 1969 enroute WestPac), the Recreation Committee went to Figueriedo again. This time to create a similar design that could be made into a pin similar to the FBM Deterrent Patrol Pin. He came up with three designs and the crew voted to determine which design would be made into a pin. Barbel's COB took the design to a factory in Yokosuka, Japan, in July 1969 and ordered the pins. Unfortunately, when they went back to pick up the pins. they left the dies with the factory. Consequently, the pins have been manufactured by the thousands and are being sold in Japan. So what started out to be an exclusive pin for the Barbel, turned into a Pacific wide emblem. Figueriedo, who has been in the Navy since 1967, plans to return to school and work towards a masters degree in fine arts." These coins are designed and only available from me.

Would make an excellent addition to your collection or for your favorite sailor!

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